November 2014

Neumann University Prepares Students with Linkedin Training

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I got a call from Neumann University's distinguished Vice President for Academic Affairs, Gerard P. O’Sullivan, Ph.D., asking me to come to his university to prepare students for life after college... specifically the importance of LinkedIn. Helping students is a passion of mine-- I know how woefully unprepared I was back when I left school and I love being able to help students prepare themselves for what awaits once class ends. My stepdaughter, who is a senior in High School, came with me-- Neuman is her first choice in colleges and she was excited to see the campus again and talk to students and teachers alike. It was fantastic talking to such a diverse group of students and professors. They had tons of great questions and kept me on my toes.

SEAK Conference: Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians

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On October 26, I flew to Chicago to present at the SEAK Conference: Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians. SEAK, Inc., founded in 1980, is an ACCME accredited continuing education and publishing firm. SEAK has trained thousands of physicians across the United States. There was a total of 400 attendees and it seemed about all of them showed up to my presentation! I had a great time presenting. The guests asked some great questions. I am so happy to have been invited to speak at this conference. THANK YOU, SEAK!

Global Philadelphia Association’s Women International Networking Event

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On November 6th, I made the trek out to Center City Philadelphia to speak at the Global Philadelphia Association and the German-American Chamber of Commerce in Philadelphia's 1st Women International Networking event in PHL. Not only was there lots of wine drinking, a photographer was present providing free headshots. I provided my Top 5 Tips To Leverage LinkedIn. It was a great event with amazing women in attendance. The pictures below came from Global Philadelphia Association Facebook Page

April 2014

School for Startups Radio Show, Guest Expert

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On April 1st, James Beach interviewed me on his online radio show, School for Startups. Jim Beach hosts School for Startups every weekday at 8:00pm EST on Liberty Express Radio. Author of "School for Startups," Jim argues that entrepreneurship is not about creativity, risk, or passion. Featured in a UPS commercial, published by McGraw Hill, hired by SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and Toshiba, called the Simon Cowell of small business by CNN, and a featured speaker around the world, he is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship. Jim asked me tons of great questions and kept me on my toes. We discussed the importance of connecting with people on LinkedIn and the success of InMail messages. I outlined exactly what makes a LinkedIn profile great and not so great. We also talked about embedding multimedia images on the LinkedIn profile and what it takes to find success on LinkedIn Listen Now

Radio Interview: Business 101

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On April 5th, I was on the radio show, Business 101 with Scott Gingold. Business 101 with Scott Gingold provides current and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain knowledge from a highly successful entrepreneur. It was a really fun interview. Scott did his homework and asked me a LOT of GREAT questions. We covered a slew of LinkedIn topics: LinkedIn for students Can you be too young for a LinkedIn account? LinkedIn profiles Vs resumes Who to connect with on LinkedIn? The importance of a large network How often should you update your LinkedIn profile? Is the free version good enough or should I upgrade to a premium LinkedIn account? Should you document in between, stop gap jobs on your LinkedIn profile? Should blue collar workers have LinkedIn profiles? And more! ... Listen now:

March 2014

American Medical Writers Association

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On Saturday, March 22nd, I spoke at the 12th Annual Freelance Conference of the American Medical Writers Association, Delaware Valley Chapter. As the featured presentation, I talked about maximizing LinkedIn for greater presence and exposure. This 1 hour presentation covered my 5 tips to leverage LinkedIn more effectively.

January 2014

ISM: Institute for Supply Management

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On January 9th, I spoke to the Philadelphia ISM chapter all about the wonders of LinkedIn. This is the second year in a row in which I spoke at their dinner meeting. ISM-Philadelphia has served the purchasing and supply management professionals of the Greater Philadelphia area since 1915. The local association is a not-for-profit professional educational association, affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) and offers seminars and educational meeting programs designed to meet the needs of today’s supply management professionals.

October 2013

Social Media for Nonprofits Philadelphia

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On October 24th, I was a panelist at Social Media for Nonprofits Philadelphia. The expert panel included: Donna Serdula founded and author of LinkedIn Makeover Cass Bailey, Slice Communications Principal Nancy Vinkler expertise or Facebook & Twitter for Nonprofit organizations Bill Lennon founder of SaaS Solutions Media - Salesforce For Nonprofits Learn how nonprofit organizations can utilize social media for social good. Get the latest Social Media tips and tools for your Nonprofit from an expert panel. This round table discussion will address a variety of topics practical tips and tools for fundraising, marketing, and advocacy.