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LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies

Dummies is the world’s bestselling reference brand, published by John Wiley and Sons

Your LinkedIn profile is essentially a platform to shape how others see you, highlight your abilities, products, or services, and explain how your work impacts lives. Yet many people simply copy and paste their resume and expect job offers and networking opportunities to start rolling in—but that isn’t how it works. LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies shows you how to create a profile that enhances your personal brand, controls how others see you, and shapes a successful future for your career.

Whether your goal is job search, branding, reputation management, or sales, people are Googling you—and your LinkedIn profile is more often than not their first point of contact. With a focus on who you are, the value you deliver, and the culture you cultivate, the profile you’ll create with the help of this guide will make that first connection a positive one—giving you a better chance to see results.

  • Create a powerful LinkedIn profile
  • Discover your personal keywords
  • Showcase your experience and accomplishments
  • Be seen on the world’s largest professional social network

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies helps to ensure you’re presenting yourself in the best possible light.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies

LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile

Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can impress your network and get found on LinkedIn. This easy to read and fun book walks you through building an impressive LinkedIn profile.

Chock full of examples, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile is your one-stop resource to learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile so you can look good and get FOUND on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Makeover 2nd Edition

Super Charge Your LinkedIn Company Page

Your LinkedIn Company Page is your online “business persona” and should be an essential part of your company’s Social Media strategy. Building an impressive LinkedIn Company Page involves lots of trial and error but now you don’t have to spend a ton of time figuring it out on your own… you can get a jumpstart TODAY!

Supercharge Your LinkedIn Company Page gives you insight into why you need a Company Page, how to create a powerful Company Page and how to leverage your LinkedIn Company Page to drive leads to your Website and business opportunities to your door.

At your fingertips is everything you need to supercharge your LinkedIn Company page quickly and easy. Also included are the answers to your most burning LinkedIn questions. So what are you waiting for? An impressive LinkedIn Company Page is just a click away.

Super Charge Your LinkedIn Company Page

Profile Picture Tips

The highest-level executives will send us a snapshot of themselves wearing a Hawaiian shirt and holding a Mai Tai. Entrepreneurs will send us pictures of themselves at their daughters’ weddings. Professionals will send us photos where they are holding their family pet.

Although it may seem like common sense, taking a great profile picture is difficult. This guide was written to take you through the steps of achieving a profile picture that presents you in the most professional light and elevates your professional brand. The advice in this book is the advice that my team and I give to our clients as we consult with them on executive branding and creating a dynamic presence on LinkedIn.

Read this book and learn the secrets to arranging, taking, and uploading the PERFECT profile picture. This guide covers what to wear, what to think, and what to do! After reading this book, you’ll have everything you need to take an impressive and professional business headshot!

LinkedIn Profile Picture Tips


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