Podcamp East 2012: The LinkedIn Presentation that ROCKED!

Last weekend I attended and presented at Podcamp East! PodCamp East is a social, digital media conference all podcasting, blogging, social media, and technology. It is an open and collaborative event with discussions and interaction from attendees. This was my 3rd time presenting and my room was packed! All the chairs were taken, people sat […]

Social Media Mashup

What a fantastic event! Well over 100 people attended and we even got our names in the newspaper! The goal of the Social Media Mashup conference was to educate local businesses on how to build their brands through social media and, ultimately, reap a return on their investment. The reviews that came in afterward said […]

SoMeBizLife Conference: LinkedIn Fundamentals

What a great conference! SoMeBizLife was well attended and they had some amazing speakers! Two of my favorites were Lynette Young who spoke on Google+ and Jonathan Maberry who talked about using Social Media to promote oneself. My LinkedIn Fundamentals class went really well. Almost every seat was filled. I have to say it was […]