What a great conference! SoMeBizLife was well attended and they had some amazing speakers! Two of my favorites were Lynette Young who spoke on Google+ and Jonathan Maberry who talked about using Social Media to promote oneself.

My LinkedIn Fundamentals class went really well. Almost every seat was filled. I have to say it was the fastest 50 minutes ever! The audience ran the gamut from totally new to LinkedIn to people who were using it for prospecting. The audience kept me on my toes with great questions. It was a great experience, one I totally enjoyed.

Donna Serdula speaking on LinkedIn as the Social Media Conference, SoMeBizLife

Here are the notes as provided on the SoMeBizLife blog.


What is LinkedIn?

–> it’s the world’s largest professional Social Network that’s focused on your career and your industry.

(~80% of LinkedIn’s members are decision makers~)


LinkedIn is a tool that helps us establish our professional brand. By putting up a strong profile, it leaves a strong impression about us that lets us show people how we want to be portrayed. Moreover, we can stay in touch with our connections, it helps us to find experts and ideas, and last but not least, it helps us to explore opportunities.


1. Build & use your network

  • connect, connect, connect
  • use your network
  • search, research & find inside connections

2. Optimize

  • don’t copy & paste your resume
  • use your keywords
  • include your contact info

3. Pay some Money

  • for extra features

4. Share Updates

  • stay professional

5. Stay Positive

  • have fun with the LinkedIn network =)

Connecting on LinkedIn means you’re inviting a person to be in your network of connections:

  • you can see their status updates & LinkedIn activity
  • ability to see “shared” connections
  • potential access to 1st degree connections

How to Achieve a Powerful LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Keep it real and stay to yourself – tell the world your values and strengths
  2. Claim your public profile URL
  3. Say Cheese – professionally taken photograph
  4. Create a powerful headline
  5. First person summary
  6. List 3 Experiences – explain your role and responsibilities briefly
  7. Get 3 Recommendations
  8. Include Your Contact Info
  9. Determine your goal – what are you trying to achieve? Who is your desired reader?
  10. Start at the bottom – easy sections are at the bottom of your profile

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