Joe Sweeney wanted to see me present at The Professional Service Group back in June. Unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Rather than chalking it up to bad luck, Joe personally reached out to me and invited me to speak to a job search support group that he attends called, Joseph’s People. I told him if he could promise me that 50 people would attend, I’d be happy to present to his group… pro bono! Joe reached out to other neighboring groups and he organized a huge event! When all was said and done, well over 50 people attended.

In my 90 minute presentation, “Finding a Job in the Internet-savvy Millennium,” I provided 5 key action items that all attendees could take home and put to effective use immediately. We covered the importance of creating a strong online identity, Googling yourself, Google Alerts, LinkedIn profile optimization, leveraging the LinkedIn Network and MORE!

Here’s a small snippet of me explaining the degrees of a STRONG LinkedIn Network:

Thank you, Joe Sweeney for organizing a terrific event!

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  1. Hello Donna,

    I am going to be setting up a workshop for Canadian alumni on how to set up an effective LinkedIn profile and the importance of an online presence/personal branding. I am looking for a guest speaker and would like to reach out to you and your organization to support our venture. Please give me a call at 416-648-1679 or email me at We are aiming to have the workshop in mid-March or mid-April.

    Thanks for your consideration,

    Pranavan Ganesh
    on behalf of the Canadian Tamil Alumni Association

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