Having worked for Autodesk and SolidWorks I can tell you there are a few secrets at getting a good price on your software.

1. Know your quarters! Resellers are always trying to finish a quarter strong and so they are more likely to wheel and deal at the end of a quarter. March, June, September, and December are GREAT buying months. Play tough, tell them you need an INCENTIVE to make the deal happen this month and chances are they will find you a sweet discount.

2. Buy in bulk! So many times I have had prospects say to me, “I think I’ll buy one seat now, another seat next month and a third seat the month after that.” NO NO NO NO! Although it’s not advertised, you can usually get volume discounts. All you have to do is ask. And if the reseller says no, ask them to ask their Autodesk or SolidWorks rep. “Well, if you can’t, can you call your Channel rep and ask him/her?” And if the answer is still no, say, “Well I guess I’ll just spread the purchase out over a couple months…” This will usually do the trick.

3. Visit the software company’s Website and look for promotions! You can’t rely on the reseller to tell you about every single promotion out there! Oh, and something to know regarding Autodesk— more often than not, Autodesk has promotions that span the entire year and as the year progresses the discount amount shrinks! It’s better to buy early on with an Autodesk promotion than wait to the bitter end when the discount is just a fraction of what it has been.

And Buyer Beware! If you are getting a too good to be true price…. it probably is. Make sure you are buying the software from a reputable dealer. You very well might be able to get software from your cousin’s friend who went out of business…. but if Autodesk finds out (And they will!) you will be on the hook for a 25K fee! Pirating ain’t pretty!

And lastly, both Autodesk and SolidWorks put out a good product. You are going to make money off the software. Don’t be too cheap! Realize that the reseller is going to spend time and money with you and they deserve to make a profit too. If not, they go out of business and then you’ll have to deal directly with Autodesk and I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy! 🙂 So be fair and get the most out of this investment!

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  1. Hey Donna! now I know why you were always calling me at the end fo the quarter 🙂 I know when to buy now!!!

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