Wow! This is a great promotion! Do you own old software? When I say old, I mean old! Anything older than 2006. This would be AutoCAD R14 through 2005 licenses. AutoCAD 2000i? BINGO, that qualifies! Architectural Desktop 2004? That qualifies too!

If you decide to trade in these old licenses– you can save lotsa money!

Between May 1 and July 18th, you get 40% off! You get 35% off from July 19th to October 17th. The discount then changes to 30% off until January 16th. After January 16th– it goes back to it’s regular discount which is about 20%.

What do you have to do to get this great discount? Call your Autodesk Reseller (or me- 646-351-8039!) and ask for a proposal. So easy!

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