Donna SerdulaLooking for my bio? Here you go… a bunch of different ones that should cover all the different reasons why you’d want to introduce me to your audience.

Short Bio

Donna Serdula [sir-DEW-la] pioneered the concept of LinkedIn profile optimization and is the author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies. Through her Website,, Donna and her team of over 20 writers, help thousands of LinkedIn users strategically write their profile in order to engage with their audience and grow their brand.

Long Bio

Donna Serdula pioneered the concept of LinkedIn profile optimization, realizing early on that the LinkedIn profile was so much more than just an online resume. The LinkedIn profile is an amazing opportunity for branding.

Donna spent the first 10 years of her career in sales, marketing, and training. She joined LinkedIn’s social network in 2005 where she promptly copied and pasted her resume and wondered what all the fuss was about. A job change in 2006 led her back to LinkedIn as she looked for tools to help her build a sales territory. It was during this time she had her LinkedIn epiphany and forged her LinkedIn profile methodology. By integrating LinkedIn into her sales process, she found amazing success.

In 2009, she walked away from her successful sales career and founded Vision Board Media and Her mission: To help people realize their Internet identity and shape one that makes an impact and leads to opportunity.

From that day on, Donna Serdula became the chief influencer, advocating and evangelizing the importance of taking control of your Internet identity. By presenting yourself in a way that inspires and builds confidence in your abilities, products, and services, you are shaping your future.

As the foremost expert in LinkedIn profile optimization, she’s proven that a strong LinkedIn Profile is the key to performing well on LinkedIn. Through her website, Donna and her team of over 40 writers have helped thousands of executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies from all over the world tell their unique story and brand themselves successfully.

Donna is an in-demand speaker throughout the US and she has been featured on Business Insider, Time’s Money Section, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, LA Times, NBC, SiriusXM Radio’s The Focus Group, and many other news outlets.

Alternate Bio

Donna Serdula LOVES LinkedIn. She is the author of the popular book, LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies published by Wiley.

It was back in 2009 she decided to break free from corporate America and set out on her own path. She started Vision Board Media with the goal to help business and individuals leverage the Internet in their quest to market themselves.

Donna is the foremost expert in LinkedIn profile optimization. She founded where she helps individuals from around the world brand themselves successfully using LinkedIn.

Donna has appeared on Sirius XM Radio, NBC, and many other news outlets.

Alternate Bio #2

Having spent over 15 years working in Business to Business sales and marketing in the technology industry, Donna Serdula experienced firsthand what it means to market your business on the Web and forge strong digital relationships with clients and prospects.

In 2009, Donna utilized her background in professional sales and marketing to launch Vision Board Media, a Social Media, Executive Branding, and Internet Marketing consulting firm dedicated to assisting individuals and small businesses in establishing a powerful presence on the Internets.

Donna now uses her experience and knowledge to teach small to medium-sized businesses how to utilize the Internet to drive revenue and promote their business. Donna Serdula is also the author of the popular business book, LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies published by Wiley. Donna enjoys public speaking and often serves as a guest speaker on the benefits of social media.

Alternate Bio #3

It was back in 2009 that Donna Serdula decided it was time to save the world from poorly written LinkedIn profiles. She started to help job seekers and employed professionals find success on LinkedIn.

In addition to her LinkedIn makeovers, Donna also advises businesses and individuals on Internet and Social Media strategies.

Donna is a noted professional public speaker. She presents on the wonders of LinkedIn, Social Media, and Personal Branding.

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