Texas State Bar Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker, 2018, Houston Texas

BRANDED FOR LIFE: Leverage Your Professional Brand and Business Network to Drive Deeper Value and Results

The social media digital world has changed the mantra from “it’s all about who you know” to “It’s all about who knows you!” People do business with people and relationships are the catalyst to success. In this presentation, Donna Serdula will help you understand and define your online reputation; forge a stronger, more engaged network; and take the steps to begin marketing yourself and practice as thought leaders—all while in keeping within the parameters of advertising rules and regulations for attorneys.

  • Learn how to use brand storytelling within Your LinkedIn profile to promote yourself authentically and ethically
  • Discover tools and techniques to expand your network within the guidelines of advertising rules for attorneys
  • Utilize social media to engage your audience while avoiding potential ethical issues
  • Deliver a corporate LinkedIn branding strategy that impresses and lessens the likelihood of a grievance

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