I teamed up with MallStars Video Production to create a weekly show call, Social Media Makeover Show.

In this week’s episode of The Social Media Makeover Show, Donna Serdula helps a job seeker retool his LinkedIn profile so he stands out from the crowd.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile using keywords so your profile POPS TO THE TOP of Recruiter searches!
  2. Maximize your LinkedIn Headline so recruiters are COMPELLED to open your LinkedIn profile and read more about you!
  3. The SUPER SIMPLE SECRET that gets your phone ringing!!!

The Social Media Makeover Show is filmed at MallStars located just outside of Philadelphia, PA.

MallStars is a professional quality video production service at an affordable price. Using Green screen technology, Mall Stars can transform you or your product anywhere by creating a blended scene against a green screen background.

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