I survived Thanksgiving. I didn’t bust at the seams having ate one too many wafer-thin after dinner mints! My father deep-fried the turkey and it came out lovely. No need to call the fire squad! I stayed away from the stores on Black Friday deciding instead to lay low and work on my knitting. Did you hear about the poor fellow in Long Island who was trampled to death by a stampeding crowd of Walmart shoppers? Horrific!

No matter how times are changing, for me, the start of the Christmas Season starts right after Thanksgiving. This year I endulged in a toy from my childhood, an Advent Calendar. I bought it at Target for 2.99 and the name on the box is actually “Christmas Countdown.” Whatever it’s called, I have such sweet memories of opening the little doors and eating the chocolate treats. Of course I was never one for delayed gratification so I ate all the chocolates at once. I am hoping now that I am older, I will be able to control myself and limit myself to the chocolate for the current day only. We shall see!

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