The LT Promo is back and I am kinda excited! This is a great way to trade in your LT for new and much improved software.

Between May 5, 2008 and July 18, 2008, AutoCAD LT users can crossgrade to a whole bunch of Autodesk solutions for the LOW LOW PRICE OF $2,495!

So what do you need to know?

You are eligible if you have Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2006 or 2007. Or if you have AutoCAD LT 2008 purchased before May 1, 2008. OR if you have AutoCAD LT 2009 on Autodesk Subscription prior to April 1, 2008. Got that?

The real juicy savings are when you crossgrade to CIVIL 3D or the Revit Suites. And let me just say this again, this is an incredible offer if you want Civil 3D. This is really nice! Believe me!

The other cool thing about this promo is you get a 200.00 training voucher. Basically this is a 200.00 coupon you can give your reseller to get money off training. This works for open enrollment as well as customized training. This is great! Subtract 200.00 from the training price– per license you purchase. NOT BAD!

So hopefully you can see why I am excited by this promo– it’s really nice. Do contact me if you have any questions!

PS Subscription is not included in the 2495 price. That means add 725 on the Revit and 995 on Civil.

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