Autodesk retires their software every 3 years. That’s faster than the Fashion Model industry retires their product!

Things you should know
The most cost effective time to upgrade or crossgrade your 2006 software is between May 1 and July 18th 2008. The discount is greatest during this phase of the promotion. If you wait until after July 18th, the discount drops 5%. If you wait until after October 17th, the discount drops another 5%. If you wait until after January 16th, the discount GOES AWAY COMPLETELY!

You don’t have to upgrade or crossgrade if you don’t want to. Your software is going to continue to work after the software is retired. Here’s the thing– Autodesk won’t support the software any longer AND if you want to eventually upgrade or crossgrade– you have to buy new software. Now you could get the Legacy discount if you buy new software, which isn’t bad but it’s not nearly as nice as upgrading or crossgrading during this promotion. You also have to remember that most people do choose to upgrade prior to retirement so you may face compatibility issues down the line if you collaborate with other companies.

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