Play with Revit

Here’s your chance to play with Revit Architecture 2009.  I am holding a free 1/2 day workshop at my Philly office where you can play with Revit until your heart is content.  There will be a Technical Specialist on hand to help you out and get you started and answer your questions. 

Here’s the info:

Revit Architecture 2009 Workshop

9am – 12pm
Microdesk – Philadelphia
1800 John F Kennedy Blvd,
Philadelphia, PA 19103


2008 Bonus Depreciation Benefit

Here’s some good information:

On Monday, February 11, 2008, President Bush signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 which includes depreciation provisions for businesses buying equipment and computer software and placing it into service in 2008. This tax relief provides an incentive for businesses to make investments this year.

Generally a trade or business must recover the cost of property over a predetermined period of years. The depreciation provisions under the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 allows a trade or business to depreciate an additional 50% of the cost of an asset acquired and placed into service in 2008 in that year with the remaining basis depreciated in accordance with the statutorily prescribed recovery period. The types of property eligible for the bonus depreciation is purchased computer software which is generally defined as any program designed to cause a computer to perform a desired function. As such, the sale of Autodesk software should generally qualify for this incremental tax benefit.

What does this mean to you? In general, you will be able to deduct 67% of the cost of the software purchased in year of purchase (see example below).
This is generally how it works:


Autodesk Inventor Suite 2008 Commercial New SLM (pricing based on U.S.-Direct VAR Pricing Feb1 to April 30th, 2008)

3 year useful life property (Software) with a cost of $5,295
Year 1 depreciation $5,295 / 3 = 1,765
Year 2 depreciation $5,295 /3 = 1,765
Year 3 depreciation $5,295 /3 = 1,765
Total depreciation            $5,295.00

3 year useful life property with a cost of $5,295
Year 1 depreciation $5,295 * 50% = $2,647.5
                                 $2,647.5 / 3 = $ 882.5
Year 2 depreciation $2,647.5 / 3 = $ 882.5
Year 3 depreciation $2,647.5 / 3 = $ 882.5
Total depreciation               $5,295.00

THESE ARE GENERAL GUIDELINES AND SHOULD NOT BE CONSTRUED AS TAX ADVICE. You should discuss your specific situation with your personal tax advisor.


Have you seen this Website yet?  It’s called GeoSimPhilly.  It’s a virtual 3-D Philadelphia! 

“GeoSim compiles gigabytes of aerial photos, street images, laser scans and geodetic measurements of Philadelphia to build an accurate 3D city model, capable of providing a genuine life simulation of the physical streets, buildings and urban landscape with the “look and feel” of a real city.”

I’m pretty amazed by it and wonder what software they used to create it.

New Trial URLS

Let’s reduce our carbon footprint together.  Download the 2009 trial software rather than requesting a DVD:


Autodesk Design Review


Autodesk DWF Writer


DWG True Convert






AutoCAD Architecture


Revit Architecture


Revit Structure


Autodesk NavisWorks Manage


AutoCAD Civil 3D


AutoCAD Civil


AutoCAD Map 3D


AutoCAD Raster Design


Autodesk 3ds Max


Autodesk 3ds Max Design


Autodesk Combustion


Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise


Autodesk MapGuide Studio


After BuildingSuccess

BuildingSuccess was a SUCCESS!  At least in my impartial mind! 🙂

Here is snippet of an email we received after the reception:

It was nice meeting you at the reception last night in Philadelphia. That event was the classiest one of that sort that I have ever attended! Thanks so much for inviting us. We made several great contacts last night that might hopefully lead to future work. We’d love to attend your future Philadelphia area events. You mentioned that Microdesk puts on similar events in NYC. If possible we’d like to attend your future NYC events as well. NYC is a market that we’re attempting to break into.

Thanks again!

And now the pictures taken at the reception…  ENJOY! 

The Fine Art of BuildingSuccess

I am so very excited! Our 6th BuildingSuccess event is coming up on the evening of October 8th and it is proving to be the most popular one yet! It’s taking place at the very beautiful Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Historic Landmark Building. Don’t believe me? Check it out:

If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late. Call or email me and I can get your name on the list.