Them’s Ain’t Tactics, honey

I am finding a proliferation of Websites that won’t let you leave! I’ve landed on the page believing they were providing some type of information I wanted only to find they are selling something. I click on the back button or go to close the tab and a window opens asking me to reconsider! Please don’t go! Don’t leave! Give me another chance to close you… the little window implores.

This is so weaselly. Such cheap tactics! And it cements my disinterest in their product/service. If you are a Website owner, please don’t incorporate a nagging window. Please!


So many people tell me that one part of their marketing plan is putting out a monthly email newsletter.

“Do you enjoy putting it together?” I almost always ask.

My question is usually met with a roll of their eyes. And then they tell me it’s like pulling teeth to come up with content. They hate writing the articles and sometimes they end up plagiarizing someone else’s work.

Why do they bother?

I get a lot of newsletters. And I rarely read them. Wanna know why?

When you hate putting out a newsletter, your audience will most likely hate reading it.

You gotta write those articles with joy and interest and enthusiasm. Otherwise, stop wasting your time. And mine!

What you could do is instead of throwing out a poor excuse for an email newsletter, you could get on one of those newfangled Social Networking sites. One where your audience might already be. And update when the mood strikes. There’s usually only room for about 140 characters anyway. It shouldn’t be too hard to fill that, right?

And maybe your audience will actually read your updates… because they are only 140 characters and EVERYONE has time to read 140 characters.

Hmmmmm, maybe make that a New Year’s Resolution? Whadaya say?