Radio / Podcast Interview Guest Expert

/Radio / Podcast Interview Guest Expert

A listing of my radio and podcast guest expert interviews. I speak on the topics of LinkedIn, LinkedIn profiles, online branding, job search, professional branding and more.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s The Focus Group LinkedIn Interview

I made my quarterly appearance on the Focus Group radio show on SiriusXM Satellite radio two weeks ago. It was great seeing hosts, John and Tim. This was my third time on their show and it’s beginning to feel “old hat! This last show was truly a blast. The guys keep me on my toes. They open up their phone lines and I never know who is going to call or what they will ask. Not only did we touch upon age discrimination but I answered a question from a person who was struggling to update their LinkedIn profile due to a change in their gender. I’ve never been faced with a question like that before so I truly shot from the hip but I am proud of the advice I delivered. Basically I said that it’s part of her story and it should definitely be broached in the LinkedIn summary, not the experience section. After the show, we [...]

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Radio Interview: The Focus Group on SiriusXM

It was right after I appeared on NBC10 talking about helping executives maximize their experience on LinkedIn that I received an email from Tim Bennett. Tim is co-host of the nationally broadcast Sirius XM radio show, The Focus Group. Tim said that they've been wanting to do a show about LinkedIn and he invited me to be a guest. The Focus Group, a business-focused talk show, is hosted by Tim Bennett and John Nash, two long time, well-respected niche marketers.   Following the nationally broadcast radio interview, we moved to a different studio to record their podcast, The Random Sample. It's a condensed version of their show and runs about 15 minutes. We revisited the topics from earlier but without the callers. It was such an amazing experience! I can't thank Tim and John enough. If you missed the show, you are in luck. John Nash was kind enough to provide me with a recording to share with you.

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NBC10: LinkedIn Profile Optimization News Story

I was interviewed for a Tracy Davidson segment on LinkedIn that aired on NBC10. Tracy Davidson is the News Anchor for NBC10 here in Philadelphia and she specializes in consumer issues that help people during these tough economic times. View more videos at: Tracy had reached out to me back in October. She was interested in doing a story about LinkedIn and how it has become such an instrumental source for people looking for job opportunities. She asked if I would be willing to be interviewed and if I might introduce her to a client of mine that had success with LinkedIn. I immediately thought of Sharon Hanscom. Sharon and I worked together just months before to create a Website for her newly formed consulting business. In addition to designing her promotional materials and Website, I optimized her LinkedIn profile. Not more than 6 months after we launched her new Website, she called me to take it down. [...]

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