LinkedIn Radio Guest

Guest on the Tom Curran Radio Show

On November 28th, I was a guest on the Tom Curran Radio Show. We talked all about LinkedIn and I gave a slew of LinkedIn tips!

About The Tom Curran Show:

Providing the listener with direct access to highly respected leaders, sharing their strategies for success, and giving you a step-by-step plan for becoming successful. The host, Tom Curran, is a respected speaker, author, and coach who shares success, motivation, and leadership strategies.

Now is the TIME to become motivated and start taking action toward reaching your dreams and goals.



Podcast: Cracking the LinkedIn Code

Olivia Gamber helps develop people to maximize their potential at work. She asked me to be a guest on her popular Podcast: Occupational Olivia.
We spoke all about cracking the LinkedIn code and what a person needs to do to find success on LinkedIn.

Here are just a few of the topics we covered:

  • How to position yourself as an expert in a new field.
  • How to market yourself for a job in a different industry.
  • What are the most critical parts of your LinkedIn profile, and how to optimize them.
  • How to build your network using LinkedIn.
  • The biggest barriers that hold people back from successfully using LinkedIn.

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Hoffeld Group Podcast: Conversation with LinkedIn Expert, Donna Serdula

David Hoffeld PodcastDavid Hoffeld sent me a direct message on Twitter, asking if I’d be interested in coming on his sales podcast.

“Of course!” I said. David is a renowned expert in sales training and I was honored he’d ask!

The especially nice part about this podcast is that it’s high level and VERY focussed on sales. If you are interested in learning how to leverage LinkedIn in your sales process, this podcast is for you.

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Radio TV LinkedIn Expert

Commercial Real Estate Show: Powerful LinkedIn Business Strategies

LinkedIn TV/Radio Expert

The Commercial Real Estate Show™ is a nationally syndicated weekly one hour talk radio show about business and commercial real estate related topics. The popular show is well known for high-quality content delivered in a professional enlightening style. Host, Michael Bull, asked me to be a guest and I couldn’t say YES! fast enough.

Here is the show I was featured:

Watch the show via their official Website


School for Startups Radio Show, Guest Expert

LinkedIn Radio Show Guest ExpertOn April 1st, James Beach interviewed me on his online radio show, School for Startups.

Jim Beach hosts School for Startups every weekday at 8:00pm EST on Liberty Express Radio.

Author of “School for Startups,” Jim argues that entrepreneurship is not about creativity, risk, or passion. Featured in a UPS commercial, published by McGraw Hill, hired by SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and Toshiba, called the Simon Cowell of small business by CNN, and a featured speaker around the world, he is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship.

Jim asked me tons of great questions and kept me on my toes. We discussed the importance of connecting with people on LinkedIn and the success of InMail messages. I outlined exactly what makes a LinkedIn profile great and not so great. We also talked about embedding multimedia images on the LinkedIn profile and what it takes to find success on LinkedIn

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Radio Interview: Business 101

On April 5th, I was on the radio show, Business 101 with Scott Gingold.

Business 101 with Scott Gingold provides current and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain knowledge from a highly successful entrepreneur.

It was a really fun interview. Scott did his homework and asked me a LOT of GREAT questions.

We covered a slew of LinkedIn topics:

  • LinkedIn for students
  • Can you be too young for a LinkedIn account?
  • LinkedIn profiles Vs resumes
  • Who to connect with on LinkedIn?
  • The importance of a large network
  • How often should you update your LinkedIn profile?
  • Is the free version good enough or should I upgrade to a premium LinkedIn account?
  • Should you document in between, stop gap jobs on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Should blue collar workers have LinkedIn profiles?
  • And more!

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Kellie Gardner Radio Interview

LinkedIn Expert Interview Radio Show

Kellie Gardner, host of the popular radio show, “Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner & Friends” decided to review my book, LinkedIn Makeover: Professional Secrets to a POWERFUL LinkedIn Profile on her show!

Kellie Gardner has engaging conversations with authors who are changing mindsets and transforming lives with books written about entrepreneurship—including topics such as personal branding, small business marketing tips, mindset, spiritual growth, as well as issues that affect women in business.The target audience is small business owners who desire to shorten their learning curve as they build sustainable 6 or 7 figure enterprises.

The interview was this morning and we plowed through so many questions in the 40 minutes. This was one of the fastest, most furious radio interview I’ve ever had the pleasure to do and I loved every second of it. Just because you didn’t catch the interview live doesn’t mean you missed it! You can listen to the interview right here:

Listen to internet radio with kelliegardner on Blog Talk Radio

Here is a transcript of the questions Kellie asked me:

[box type=”shadow”]Donna, since you have helped hundreds of people create a powerful LinkedIn Profile at this point, tell us the story of your most successful LinkedIn Makeover thus far.

Donna, let’s start with the questions that most people listening probably want to know: What is the big deal about LinkedIn? Who should have a profile on this network and why?

Just this past week, I was informed by LinkedIn that I had just a few more days to accept their offer for the 30-day trial run of any of the paid versions, and once again, I did not take advantage of this offer. Donna, what is the difference between the free and the paid versions and at what point should an entrepreneur invest in the paid version?

I like how you start your book from the end of the profile and move your way up to the beginning. You say that “when it comes to LinkedIn, the easy stuff is at the bottom of your profile.” So, let’s talk about the easy stuff for a minute. When it comes to the top 3 easy things that people tend to overlook or leave off their profile that could jeopardize their ability to attract that next big client or business partner, what would you say they are?

Donna, now, it is time for a very deep question: How important is it for an entrepreneur to tweet and to include their Twitter info on LinkedIn?

Donna, we have got to talk about endorsements versus recommendations. First, tell us the difference between an endorsement which is fairly new on LinkedIn and the old school recommendation. Then, tell us based upon your knowledge and expertise, which carries more weight on your profile and why?

Donna, your book gives us over 100 pages of information about how to create a powerful LinkedIn Profile, so share with us the top 5 things we can do right now that will take our profile over the top and begin to attract our ideal clients or business connections.

On every show, I like to either use a fictitious character or a real business person to apply the information to a real-world scenario. Today, Christyl Benford has agreed to sit in the hot seat and allow you to look at her profile and give her a quick assessment of some things that would make her profile more magnetic. Would you be willing to give Christyl a mini-consultation right here?[/box]

I’d love to know what you thought of the interview. Or if you have any questions, comment below! I love to answer questions on LinkedIn!