Main Line Society of Professional Women: Leadership Workshops

Presenter on LinkedIn & LeadershipThe Main Line Society of Professional Women asked me to present at their Leadership Workshop Series. These workshops bring together award-winning presenters to provide insight into the skills that can make or break your career. People are researching you! Do you know what they are finding? More often than not, they are checking out your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn Profile is your First Impression and Digital Introduction to your prospect. Does it showcase your skills and sell you as a polished professional? Join us on April 10th for a half-day workshop featuring LinkedIn Expert and Author, Donna Serdula. You will learn how to take your LinkedIn profile from Boring to Powerful so you can find business, promote yourself… and take over the world!

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Veteran Recruiting Network Webinar

I provide my LinkedIn Makeover DIY Kit free to all US Veterans and active duty military. Normally I get maybe 2 or 3 requests a month for the free veteran kit. On January 7th I had about 20 requests before noon! Something was going on and I had no idea what. Turned out Kevin O'Brien from the Veteran Recruiting Network featured me and the free kit on his newsletter that is sent out to over 600K veterans. I immediately called him up to thank him and within 5 minutes we planned a webinar for the next week. On January 13th I presented to over 200 veterans and taught them how to optimize and leverage LinkedIn for career success. The webinar was scheduled for an hour but ended up going an hour and a half because of all the comments and questions at the end. It was a great group and I am so happy to have been able to [...]

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The Secrets Behind Getting Your Profile Viewed On LinkedIn

It was beginning of December I traveled to New York City for the Business Insider video shoot. The video debuted on January 6th. Watch it here or embedded below:

Business Insider Video Interview

On December 4th I traveled to New York City for a video interview with Business Insider. They put me in front of a green screen and told me to give them my best LinkedIn tips. It was such an honor to visit Business Insider's headquarters and get interviewed. I can't wait to see the videos that come from the shoot.

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SEAK Conference: Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians

On October 26, I flew to Chicago to present at the SEAK Conference: Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians. SEAK, Inc., founded in 1980, is an ACCME accredited continuing education and publishing firm. SEAK has trained thousands of physicians across the United States. There was a total of 400 attendees and it seemed about all of them showed up to my presentation! I had a great time presenting. The guests asked some great questions. I am so happy to have been invited to speak at this conference. THANK YOU, SEAK!

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School for Startups Radio Show, Guest Expert

On April 1st, James Beach interviewed me on his online radio show, School for Startups. Jim Beach hosts School for Startups every weekday at 8:00pm EST on Liberty Express Radio. Author of "School for Startups," Jim argues that entrepreneurship is not about creativity, risk, or passion. Featured in a UPS commercial, published by McGraw Hill, hired by SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and Toshiba, called the Simon Cowell of small business by CNN, and a featured speaker around the world, he is a recognized leader in entrepreneurship. Jim asked me tons of great questions and kept me on my toes. We discussed the importance of connecting with people on LinkedIn and the success of InMail messages. I outlined exactly what makes a LinkedIn profile great and not so great. We also talked about embedding multimedia images on the LinkedIn profile and what it takes to find success on LinkedIn Listen Now

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Radio Interview: Business 101

On April 5th, I was on the radio show, Business 101 with Scott Gingold. Business 101 with Scott Gingold provides current and aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain knowledge from a highly successful entrepreneur. It was a really fun interview. Scott did his homework and asked me a LOT of GREAT questions. We covered a slew of LinkedIn topics: LinkedIn for students Can you be too young for a LinkedIn account? LinkedIn profiles Vs resumes Who to connect with on LinkedIn? The importance of a large network How often should you update your LinkedIn profile? Is the free version good enough or should I upgrade to a premium LinkedIn account? Should you document in between, stop gap jobs on your LinkedIn profile? Should blue collar workers have LinkedIn profiles? And more! ... Listen now:

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American Medical Writers Association

On Saturday, March 22nd, I spoke at the 12th Annual Freelance Conference of the American Medical Writers Association, Delaware Valley Chapter. As the featured presentation, I talked about maximizing LinkedIn for greater presence and exposure. This 1 hour presentation covered my 5 tips to leverage LinkedIn more effectively.

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