Making Civil Juicy!

Autodesk is putting out the promotions, baby! The first is for those of you still on LDT. The other one is a really pretty rebate in which you buy 3 seats and the 4th seat pretty much works out to be a freebie! Check out the details:

AutoCAD® Land Desktop Customer Transition Program: This offer is intended to provide our valued AutoCAD Land Desktop software customers with the opportunity to transition to the appropriate product, given that AutoCAD Land Desktop 2009 will be the last version of this product. Eligible customers can crossgrade to AutoCAD® Map 3D, AutoCAD® Civil, or AutoCAD® Civil 3D® software for a special promotional price of either US$245 or US$495, depending whether they are on Autodesk® Subscription.

Autodesk Civil Solutions Rebate Program: From November 3, 2008 through January 16, 2009, U.S. and Canadian customers purchasing four or more commercial licenses (seats) of AutoCAD® Civil 2009 or AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2009 software may be eligible for a rebate of up to $7,495 after submitting an online request and providing proof of purchase documentation. Educational licenses, upgrades, crossgrades, and government purchases do not qualify. (Please see article below in this section.)

More Promotions?

Autodesk is offering 0% financing for 12 months with a $1.00 buyout at the end so that you always OWN your software.

– No payment for 60 days, plus 0% interest for an additional 12 months
– Transaction sizes as low as $5,000 can qualify
– Applies to all Autodesk products, subscription, and services
– May be combined with other Autodesk promotional offers
– Promotion runs November 3, 2008, through January 16, 2009

What else does this mean?

– Improve your cash-flow management. Conserve your capital for reinvesting in your business.
– Enhance your budgeting accuracy. Predictable fixed monthly payments and no floating interest rates mean better financial planning.
– Finance up to 100% of your purchase. Qualified applicants can finance 100% of the cost, including delivery, installation, service, and maintenance.
– Simplify your financing. Avoid loan-related requirements such as compensating balances, large down payments, client list reviews, and cash-flow projections.
– Reap potential tax benefits. Some businesses are able to deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense, thus reducing the net cost of the lease (consult your tax advisor for details).

And if you are looking to spend a little less than 5,000– like maybe 2,500.00– I got a little mini-Microdesk promo that can help you. Give me a call and we can discuss!

New Promotions

Promotions are nice and there are some new ones occuring right now! 

AutoCAD LT 2009 New Seat Rebate Promotion
It’s so simple!  Buy a new seat of AutoCAD LT 2009 between October 20, 2008 through January 16, 2009 and get a $200.00 online/mail in rebate! This is good for up to 5 seats. 

Autodesk 2006 Retirement Promotion
Upgrade or Crossgrade your 2006 Autodesk release between October 18, 2008 and January 16, 2009 get 10% off SRP.  The thing here is you must opt for subscription to get the discount.  This is the LAST phase of the 2006 retirement promo.  After January 16th the cost is full price until retirement date and then after that, you gotta do legacy. 

 Autodesk FY09 Americas Legacy Promotion
If you have old retired licenses that you’d like to turn in for new shiny seats– do so now between October 18th and January 16th and get 30% off SRP.  You gotta do subscription in order to get the discount.   Oh and this too is the last phase of this promotion so act now or forever hold your piece!  (I spelled piece like that deliberately!  Y’know, like piece of pie). 

AutoCAD Land Desktop Customer Transition Program
From July 8, 2008 through April 17, 2009 if you own AutoCAD Land Desktop 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 you can crossgrade to  Map 3D, Civil, or Civil 3D for a very special discounted price.  Very special!  If you got some LDT, you should really consider doing this– it’s sweet.  (How sweet? Try 245.00 if you opt for sub!)

If you would like to take advantage of any of these great discounts, give me a call or email me and I can help you!  Just click on the right menu where it says Contact Me!


Wow! This is a great promotion! Do you own old software? When I say old, I mean old! Anything older than 2006. This would be AutoCAD R14 through 2005 licenses. AutoCAD 2000i? BINGO, that qualifies! Architectural Desktop 2004? That qualifies too!

If you decide to trade in these old licenses– you can save lotsa money!

Between May 1 and July 18th, you get 40% off! You get 35% off from July 19th to October 17th. The discount then changes to 30% off until January 16th. After January 16th– it goes back to it’s regular discount which is about 20%.

What do you have to do to get this great discount? Call your Autodesk Reseller (or me- 646-351-8039!) and ask for a proposal. So easy!


The LT Promo is back and I am kinda excited! This is a great way to trade in your LT for new and much improved software.

Between May 5, 2008 and July 18, 2008, AutoCAD LT users can crossgrade to a whole bunch of Autodesk solutions for the LOW LOW PRICE OF $2,495!

So what do you need to know?

You are eligible if you have Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2006 or 2007. Or if you have AutoCAD LT 2008 purchased before May 1, 2008. OR if you have AutoCAD LT 2009 on Autodesk Subscription prior to April 1, 2008. Got that?

The real juicy savings are when you crossgrade to CIVIL 3D or the Revit Suites. And let me just say this again, this is an incredible offer if you want Civil 3D. This is really nice! Believe me!

The other cool thing about this promo is you get a 200.00 training voucher. Basically this is a 200.00 coupon you can give your reseller to get money off training. This works for open enrollment as well as customized training. This is great! Subtract 200.00 from the training price– per license you purchase. NOT BAD!

So hopefully you can see why I am excited by this promo– it’s really nice. Do contact me if you have any questions!

PS Subscription is not included in the 2495 price. That means add 725 on the Revit and 995 on Civil.

2006 Retirement – Phase 1

Autodesk retires their software every 3 years. That’s faster than the Fashion Model industry retires their product!

Things you should know
The most cost effective time to upgrade or crossgrade your 2006 software is between May 1 and July 18th 2008. The discount is greatest during this phase of the promotion. If you wait until after July 18th, the discount drops 5%. If you wait until after October 17th, the discount drops another 5%. If you wait until after January 16th, the discount GOES AWAY COMPLETELY!

You don’t have to upgrade or crossgrade if you don’t want to. Your software is going to continue to work after the software is retired. Here’s the thing– Autodesk won’t support the software any longer AND if you want to eventually upgrade or crossgrade– you have to buy new software. Now you could get the Legacy discount if you buy new software, which isn’t bad but it’s not nearly as nice as upgrading or crossgrading during this promotion. You also have to remember that most people do choose to upgrade prior to retirement so you may face compatibility issues down the line if you collaborate with other companies.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.