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Texas State Bar Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker, 2018, Houston Texas

BRANDED FOR LIFE: Leverage Your Professional Brand and Business Network to Drive Deeper Value and Results The social media digital world has changed the mantra from “it’s all about who you know” to “It’s all about who knows you!” People do business with people and relationships are the catalyst to success. In this presentation, Donna Serdula will help you understand and define your online reputation; forge a stronger, more engaged network; and take the steps to begin marketing yourself and practice as thought leaders—all while in keeping within the parameters of advertising rules and regulations for attorneys. Learn how to use brand storytelling within Your LinkedIn profile to promote yourself authentically and ethically Discover tools and techniques to expand your network within the guidelines of advertising rules for attorneys Utilize social media to engage your audience while avoiding potential ethical issues Deliver a corporate LinkedIn branding strategy that impresses and lessens the likelihood of a grievance

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NBCUniversal City Year, 2018, Los Angeles, CA

Each year, NBCUniversal hosts a Career Day for the City Year Los Angeles Corps members. They reached out to me regarding a session on LinkedIn do's and dont's, strategies, etc... The Corps Members are between 18-25 years old and for most this is their first time entering the job market after their year of service. I created a session all about

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Quickbooks Connect 2017, San Jose, CA

5 Tips to Crank Up Your Impact & Results on LinkedIn How to make one of the largest social media networks work for you! You have undoubtedly have received invitations from business partners and associates to connect on LinkedIn. And you took a couple hours out of your busy life and created a profile. Perhaps you even sent out some invitations to connect to people in your business network. But, is that all there is? Learn the 5 steps to maximize your presence on LinkedIn so you can find opportunity! It was an honor to speak at Intuit’s QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose. The event was such a success and expertly organized and elegantly run. My presentation, “5 Tips to Crank Up Your Impact & Results on LinkedIn,” took place on November 15, 2017. I spoke to a standing room only crowd. I was later told that the room held 150 but more than 175 people attended. My [...]

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Video Interview: LinkedIn Expert on the Focus Group Talk Show

Tim Bennett and John Nash invited me on their talk show, The Focus Group Radio Show, to talk about my new book, LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies and answer their burning LinkedIn questions. Here is another image from the show without the green screen:

Presented LinkedIn Workshop for National Speakers Association of New England

On January 7th, I presented a full day LinkedIn workshop to the National Speakers Association, New England Chapter. Over 60 NSA members were in attendance. Michael Prager conducted a 10 Words or Less video with me to market the event: Here is an image of the event:

Guest on the Tom Curran Radio Show

On November 28th, I was a guest on the Tom Curran Radio Show. We talked all about LinkedIn and I gave a slew of LinkedIn tips! About The Tom Curran Show: Providing the listener with direct access to highly respected leaders, sharing their strategies for success, and giving you a step-by-step plan for becoming successful. The host, Tom Curran, is a respected speaker, author, and coach who shares success, motivation, and leadership strategies. Now is the TIME to become motivated and start taking action toward reaching your dreams and goals. LISTEN NOW!

Podcast: Cracking the LinkedIn Code

Olivia Gamber helps develop people to maximize their potential at work. She asked me to be a guest on her popular Podcast: Occupational Olivia. We spoke all about cracking the LinkedIn code and what a person needs to do to find success on LinkedIn. Here are just a few of the topics we covered: How to position yourself as an expert in a new field. How to market yourself for a job in a different industry. What are the most critical parts of your LinkedIn profile, and how to optimize them. How to build your network using LinkedIn. The biggest barriers that hold people back from successfully using LinkedIn. Listen Now!

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FranSpark LinkedIn Presentation: Social Selling

Benetrends Financial organized a presentation for Franchisors on Sept 14 & 15 dedicated to improving sales and recruitment. I tailored my LinkedIn presentation to the Sales Consultants from Benetrends and FranNet, along with Franchisors. The presentation was heavily focussed on social selling and prospecting on LinkedIn. Other speakers that day included Vince Papale, not portrayed by Mark Wahlberg.

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Hoffeld Group Podcast: Conversation with LinkedIn Expert, Donna Serdula

David Hoffeld sent me a direct message on Twitter, asking if I'd be interested in coming on his sales podcast. "Of course!" I said. David is a renowned expert in sales training and I was honored he'd ask! The especially nice part about this podcast is that it's high level and VERY focussed on sales. If you are interested in learning how to leverage LinkedIn in your sales process, this podcast is for you. Listen now!